By January 2018 we were really feeling the pinch, with the price of organic feed rising after the Brexit vote.

I (Joanna) decided I had to do something pro-active with any free time I had, so I started delivering our eggs locally in Spring 2018.

It has been so rewarding. The first hand positive feedback from customers about our delicious product has been so lovely and I’ve really enjoyed answering people’s questions on the doorstep about the farm.

I always enjoyed meeting our customers at farmers’ markets, but getting little notes from doorstep customers and hearing how children in the household pick their favourite egg to eat and little special moments like that, has really helped build a relationship straight from Grassington Farm to the breakfast/dinner plate.

I now have three delivery rounds. I deliver locally within Newick and Chailey, and also in the beautiful town of Lewes and surrounding areas.  My other delivery round includes Lindfield, Haywards Heath and Cuckfield.

I deliver either trays of Class A (mixed sized eggs) or our farm seconds (these have mixed shells, can be paler or rougher shells).  When we have them I also deliver our teeny pullet eggs, which are exceptionally delicious.

If you are interested in having a doorstep delivery, don’t hesitate to send us an email.