We first watched a Watoto Choir from Uganda about 10 years ago. We found their beautiful singing voices and inspirational stories hugely moving.

Most of the children who end up at Watoto are orphans. Often they have lived in slums and spent their days looking for anything they can sell in rubbish dumps. Many have watched their parents die of AIDS and ended up with no one to care for them.

Baby Watoto cares for as many orphaned babies as it possibly can. Babies are sometimes found in latrines in Uganda, where the parents know they will be likely to be found. Sometimes the putrid atmosphere has meant the babies are already blind by the time they reach Baby Watoto.

Watoto really is an amazing organisation and is now also helping widows by giving them new roles within the Watoto villages.

After watching the choir with Richard’s father Peter, Peter was so inspired that he offered to help them straight away. Peter has been out to Uganda several times, along with Richard’s brother in law Danny. We hope to visit in 2017 as a family.

Peter helped with a new farming project for Watoto. Watoto now has its own egg farm and the eggs are used to feed the villagers and any surplus eggs sold to make more money for Watoto.

In June 2016 we hosted some members of a travelling choir. Watoto’s many choirs travel the world and raise awareness and funds for Watoto. I’d highly recommend seeing them, their beautiful costumes, wonderful voices and amazing African music is so uplifting. We had Auntie Julianne (a guardian for the trip) along with Sharon and Patricia (Watoto orphans) stay with us.

Their trip coincided with the finishing of our new Egg Shack, so who better to ask to open the shack than our wonderful guests?


And here is a link to a short film giving you an idea of how Watoto looks after orphans. Watch the film.